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Exploring The Effect Of Social Factors On Trust And Purchasing Intentions Of Uae Social Commerce Users.

This paper is an attempt to compromise a study of United Arab Emirates local users� acceptance of an emerging e-commerce technology which is Social Commerce (SC). In spite of remarkable adherence in usage and adopting Social Media sites and applications, extensive business interest and growing potential economic variations, some central issues remain such as whether Emirati internet users are easily adopting such platforms-websites & applications- and the factors that affect the adoption. This proposal�s analysis draws from an extension of Shen�s (2013) social factors: social comparison, social presence, and enjoyment. Given that social features are derived from human behavior, the Social Factors variable of the Theory of Interpersonal Behavior (TIB) is used as a theoretical framework. Research questions adhere to whether there are tradition-driven social influences in Emirati users� acceptance, trust and intention to buy in Social Commerce platforms. Keywords- Social Factors, Social Commerce , Social Networking , E-commerce, United Arab Emirates, UAE.