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Influence Of Job Satisfaction And Organisational Commitment On Absenteeism In Schools

The aim of this study was to determine the impact ofjob satisfaction and organisational commitment on voluntary absenteeism of teachers in secondary schools. The population of this study consisted of all educators in the 176 secondary schools in Mauritius. For the study purpose, a judgmental sample technique was used to identify one educator from each school. To measure the variables, the research instrument was the questionnaire.Data received were tabulated, analyzed and interpreted. Exploratory factor analysis was used to identify dimensions of job satisfaction and organizational commitment while at the same time testing for convergent validity of the constructs. A descriptive analysis allowed for the assessment of current level of job satisfaction and organisational commitment. To test for the effect of job satisfaction dimensions and organisational commitment dimensions, multiple regression analysis was performed. In light of the results, it was found that absenteeism isindeed influenced by some job satisfaction and organizational commitment dimensions. Recommendations are finally made based on the findings which aim at helping school administration to reduce the rate of voluntary absenteeism. Keywords- Education, Teachers, Absenteeism, Leadership Style, Job Satisfaction, Work Environment, Motivation