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Innovative Developments In Flight Training Systems: The Need And Importance Of Innovations In Pilot Training

The aim of this study is to examine the effects of innovative thinking and further more innovations and to discover how much they are important in flight training systems. From that point along the invention of aircrafts in the history of aviation, the innovative strategies that are recently progressing at certain stages are evaluated. In this context, carried out new generation flight programs, simulation systems, aircraft models that are used especially in Turkish Air Force Flight School are mainly ,the innovative strategies in these sections are revised and their importance and effect on flight training systems are explained. Also the study includes re-creations of flight training concepts depending on the evolution of aviation industry, technological developments, increasing importance of air superiority and the difficulties pilots have to face. In the study, as a single concept, importance of innovation in aviation firstly described, and then by emphasizing the evolution of aircrafts, the changes in flight trainings are clarified. In this way, as well as other disciplines, the importance and need of innovations emphasized in flight training systems and the positive effects of innovations are determined very clearly. Keywordsó Pilotage, Flight Training, Innovations, Aviation and Technology, Flight Simulators.