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Importance Of The Inner Motivation On Management And The Ways Of The Keeping High The Inner Motivation

Today’s people have dissatisfaction. This situation is effecting works’ progress and the given duties are not completing. For every personel the duty is a sacred. Because personel's mission is completing the duty consummate. Becasue of low motivation there can be problems with complete a duty. Like personels, the managers also have missions to do and they have more responsibilities. Managers provides their motivation own themselves. Because they won’t have anybody every time when they need help and they will stay alone most of the time whie solving problems. A manager who has high inner motivation make her/his duty with her/his best and cares personels’ troubles with sincerely. It is also important to keep high the inner motivation. Keeping high the inner motivation can provide with having some features. A manager who have high inner motivation, both motivates employees and reaches success himself/herself. Index Terms—Motivation, Inner Motivation, Manager, Personel