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The History Of Tecnological Innovations On Aerial Photography From The First Photograph To Nowadays And Their Usage Purposes Over The Past Years

Technological innovations were incredibly effective in previous times and importance of innovations stands at the same level in today’s world. From the first attempt of taking black and white photograph to nowadays, time passed and technology developed gradually. Minds, thinking, tactics and purposes inevitably changed like technology. In this study I started from the “Invention of photography” and this invention, of course, had made new surveys and researches available. After that, studies had been made mostly based on “air” branch. At the period of World War I and World War II, interpretation techniques and ways developed from simple using handheld cameras to sophisticated complex analyses of images. Both human sources and technological innovations worked together just like a body. Afterwards new terms appeared in battlefields that started with “Aerial” or “air”. It is clear that World War I and II formed the structure for aerial reconnaissance and photo interpretation. We can easily conclude that developments which are related to air power and control are still as important as before, thus many countries that understood the importance of aerial interpretation studied on reforms for their good during the war. Furthermore these runnings will continue as time passes, indeed. As a conclusion, this article provides data to illuminate the technological and organizational innovations that changed the outcome of the war, photo reconnaissance in photography sector, especially related to aerial photography. Keywords— Aerial photography, Photointerpretation, Remote sensing, Technological innovations.