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How Leadership Has Changed And Self Renewed Itself Within Changing Environmenta Lconditions And Technological Revolution

Leadership at a time when our society move towards the information society has become a crucial element. Inourage, our leaders have been facing more enourmous and great changes. Globalization, technology which is developing rapidly, changes in the structure of society and growing expectations also affected leadership. Changing environmental conditions, economic innovation by increasing level of knowledge has led to the emergence of new management styles and practices. The explosive growth of the “leadership industry” is based on the belief that leading is a path to power and money, a medium for achievement and a mechanism for creating change. Leadership has changed over time and self renewed itself within changing environmental conditions and technological revolution. Now a days leadership which is the most valuablere source to take advantage of the skills and talents, has become far morecomplexthan a basicleadership. Air and space forces, that predestinating the fate of war, is serving in a time that we face great changes and developments in communicationtechnology, rapid transfer of knowledge, multi-channelflow of information and rapid changes in circumstances. In a situation of uncertanity, caosandcrisis; theleader, that will over come the difficulties, manage the development and change, renew the irstrategies and lead them must be a digital leader and lead the change. Being fast and to adapt to change is much more important to the Air Force than other forces. Not only changing fast but also it is essential to predict the changes that will come and preparing their institutions are also required in advance. Keywords— Leadership, Leader, Change.