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Analysis: An Investigation About The Effects Of The Unmanned Air Systems On The Future Warfield Unmanned Warriors

Although it is not exactly known when the first battle happened, the wars never have come to an end throughout the history. The wars broken out for the national interests never finished and human history turned into a history of war. The weapons have developed by the time and even weapons for mass destruction were developed. Moreover wars extended beyond the battlefields and sometimes some innocent people were affected. The last destination of war is “space” which brought a new perspective to the military issues. Now the era of battles fought with swords are far behind and humankind stepped into the world of new battles rapidly. During last century firstly balloons, then zeppelins and lastly jet aircrafts were seen in the sky… Besides, recently Unmanned Air Vehicles are made and over the last decade majority of military authorities are aware of the importance of UAVs for the new military systems. Because it doesn't need to provide systems to ensure the security of the crew, the law cost of the UAVs is only one of their most important advantages. Also it seems that the abilities of a small and isolated unit can dramatically increase by using UAVs. On the other hand there are a number of doubts about the UAVs. The last UAV strikes caused the emergence of the discussions of ethical issues on the international platform. In fact, some of the researchers think that, the emergence of autonomous weapon systems is seen as a crisis in terms of ethics and the law of war. According to some of the military visionaries, by using artificial intelligence an ethical justification can be provided for the spy planes, however today there are some other serious ethical problems. According to the law of war, combatants must be willing to throw themselves into danger; but the pilot of a spy plane, can hug his small daughter tenderly after he killed lots of people a few minutes ago in another part of the world where he has never gone. Also the doubt about that spy plane will lower the political threshold required for a war and perhaps in the future they will make the leaders war addicts, is another serious question. Despite these ideas there may be some positive contributions of UAVs to the humanity, can we create robots that behave towards people better than the way today's soldiers behave towards each other¬? In fact these words let us to imagine the wars between the humans and robots like in the movies. So would this same technology protect humans if future robots try to capture entire world? However thanks to the robots maybe our children will have a more comfortable world. Time will show us the answers of these questions. Despite the fact that the UAVs are thought to have an important place in the future air forces, it seems as if the pilot in the cockpit who makes decisions between life and death, will be likely the best choice for many missions and won’t be absent for a long time. Keywords— War, UAV, Ethic, Technology, Future.