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Determination Of Optimum Thermal Insulation Thicknesses Considering The Seasonal Energy Requirements

In this study, an optimization of the thermal insulation thickness applied to the external walls of buildings has been carried out based on the heating and cooling and the annual energy requirements considering solar radiation effect. This study has been performed for Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is located in the second climatic region in Turkey with HDD=1372, CDD=524. By determining the sol-air temperatures considering air temperatures and solar radiation vales for Istanbul and maximizing the annual energy savings, the optimum thermal insulation thicknesses have been calculated. The effects of solar radiation on heating-cooling energy requirements, the variation of optimum insulation thicknesses with degree-days, the differences between the analyses based on seasonal and annual have been presented in tabular and graphical form. Keywordsó Insulation thickness; space heating-cooling; sol-air temperature.