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Predicting BPM Readiness at Schoolís Level: An Evaluation of Critical Success Factor on Organizational Culture

BPM has certainly raised the visibility of process change and improvement for many organizations. Many large and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) who have implemented Business Process Management (BPM) are enjoying a significant advancement of the organizational performance. At present, BPM is likely to have an influence in academic institutions. Schools are starting to explore the BPM implementation. This is to improve institutional operational efficiency and survive in a competitive environment in the delivery of quality education. However, prior to implementation, an evaluation on the readiness of schools must be conducted to ensure a higher rate of deployment success. In this study, the researchers recognize the important role of culture as one of the critical success factors in BPM particularly, for the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. The context of this study focuses in predicting BPM readiness at a school level on the evaluation of institutionís organizational culture as one of the critical success factor in BPM. The study further investigates the cultural context of a higher education institution (HEI) being a private or public, and evaluates if the school is culturally fit on the BPM culture using a culture assessment tool kit. Through further analysis on the result of culture assessment, the researchers identify the readiness of the various academic institutions on BPM culture. Based on the analysis on the output of the culture assessment of the schools, and considering the existing organization culture of each school, it is deemed necessary to conduct an individual assessment so as to fit in the BPM culture to keep abreast with the challenges in the education sector. Findings show that regardless of the classification of the HEI, schools can possibly fit in the BPM culture. Each school continuously strives to be the best academic provider. Thus, the BPM initiatives are considered to be one of the drivers in achieving an outstanding education. General Terms-Business Process Management, Organizational Culture, BPM Culture Keywords-Business Process Management (BPM), Critical Success Factor, School, Organizational Culture, BPM Readiness