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Critical Success Factors Influencing Construction Project Performance For Different Objectives: Operation and Maintenance Phase

Many studies attempt to explore the critical success factors (CSFs) believed to influence project performance. However, this particular area of CSFs remains unclear, and efforts to reach an agreement on the CSFs have been rather limited. The primary objective of this study is to identify the CSFs that influence construction project performance, and determine their relative importance for different objectives across five stages in the project life cycle. A thorough literature review was deployed to generate a set of factors. A questionnaire survey, based on 179 identified factors, grouped into nine major factor categories, was conducted to collect data from three groups of respondents: client representatives, consultants, and contractors. Out of 164 questionnaires distributed, 93 were returned. Using the mean score, relative importance index, and weighted average method, the top 10 critical factors for each category were identified. Spearmanís rank correlation was used to analyse the agreement of survey respondents on those categorised factors. A one-way analysis of variance was then performed to determine whether the mean scores among the various groups of respondents were statistically significant. The survey findings indicate that the most CSFs in each category in the operation and maintenance phase are as follows: competence of project participants (time), relationship among project participants (cos), effective quality assurance system in the organisation (quality), interrelation between the employee and supervisor (health and safety), regular maintenance of equipment for the project (environment), competent supervisors (productivity), quality of works to match standards (risk management), positive attitude of employees (human resources), and durability of the completed work (client satisfaction). An understanding of CSFs would help all interested parties in the construction industry to improve project performance. Moreover, the results of this study would help construction professionals and practitioners take proactive measures for effective project management. Index Terms- Critical success factors, Operation and Maintenance phase, Project life cycle, Project performance.