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The Design and Development of Curriculum Planning and Blended Learning with Classroom Learning

The design and development of curriculum planning and blended learning with classroom learning aims to manage the learning style through remote learning and blended learning (online and electronic classrooms). The main purpose is to create the pattern of new style of learning combining face-to-face classroom and online classroom. This research aims to support self-learning through blended learning as it is believed that it will encourage students to have life-long learning habit. Moreover, blended learning can save cost for the institute in terms of teaching staff and location, and it expand the learning opportunity to everyone in outreach area. In order to have the most practical result, 3 experts from learning management, online curriculum planning and blended-learning section had examined the content in the questionnaires before launching. Content validity was checked its accuracy. After editing the model, the questionnaires were used among 20 participants in the sample group to get the reliability value. After analyzing the answers in all area, the arithmetic mean of the research was 3.85 and the SD was 0.33, which indicated that the model was good enough and could be used in curriculum planning in the campus. Keywords- Design and Development of Curriculum, Blended Learning, Classroom Learning