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A Study On The Integration Of Talent Management To The Air Forces

Management understanding has gained more importance in changing and developing new security concepts. As it has been assessed from the tactical or strategic aspects, the researches, which have been made on this matter in general and private sense, indicate that the changes in management understanding and their positive results determine the basis of the development. The new management understanding has given birth to new management concepts, which have been developed on the different administrational approaches, by transcending the classical management understanding. These results are not the first, but arisen as a result of a development. In this study, the talent management paradigm, which has been built on the talent concept, whose significance increases every passing day and the assessment of the impact and contribution of the modern face of Turkish Armed Forces has been evaluated. The problems might be experienced in changing of this management system, but force multiplier, contribution and participation of the qualified personnel to the institution will be at highest level when its integration to Turkish Air Forces has been completed. The utilization of the talented human resources in Turkish Air Forces will be maximized. Key Words- Talent, Management, Talent Management