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The Development And Application Of The Abcde-Health Literacy Scale For Thai Adults

This research aims to synthesis and develop a ABCDE (Alcohol, Baccy, Coping, Diet, andExercise)Health Literacy (HL) Scale for Thai Adults, to evaluate the level of HLof Thai Adults and to confirmthe path model ofHL that influence health outcomes. The synthesis of research articles published in the PubMed and Science Direct from 1996 � 2013, 12 papers, and the subjects used to test the research hypothesis were Thais aged over than 15 years. Systematic sampling selected 4,401 subjects, responding to a five-level scale questionnaire, 0-4 points, in total 64 items, with a reliability of Cronbach�s alpha-coefficient between 0.611 to0.912. The results showed that:1) the HL Scales were in a good range of factor loading from 0.326 to 0.861, 2) the overall HL of the subjects was at the poor to moderate level for 72.0 percent. The health outcomes were at the poor level for 53.5 percent of total subjects, at a fair level and very good at 44.7 and 1.8 percent respectively, and 3) the path model ofHL that influence health outcomes were consistent with the empirical data with a Chi-Square = 27.48, df = 7, p-value = 0.0027, RMSEA = .032.