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A Survey Paper On Security In MANET

A Mobile ad hoc network are self created and self organized without the support of network infrastructure, consists of mobile devices, such as laptops, cell phones, etc. Security is one of the prime Issues in ad hoc network due to their rapidly change in topology and mobility of nodes. However, the infrastructure less and dynamic natures render them more vulnerable to various types of security attacks than the wired networks.[2] Here, I presents a smart encryption algorithm integrated with existing AODV protocol that enhances the security of routing in MANET. Mobile Ad hoc Network´┐Żs because of maliciousness that intentionally disrupts the network by using variety of attacks and due to routing protocols (e.g. AODV), which were already developed without considering security features to prevent the various kinds of attacks. And also there is infrastructure less environment, and having open peer-to-peer architecture, shared wireless medium and dynamic topology, MANETs are frequently established in insecure environments like disaster sites and military applications.[3] Keywords- Mobile ad-hoc network, Security,Cryptography.