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Use Of Augmented Reality In The Construction Industry

The role of visualization in the construction industry is extremely crucial in communicating the intent of the design team to the various stakeholders on a project including the construction team. This paper considers the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to aid the construction team on the jobsite. The role of ARin various circumstances within the construction industry is explored. The Epson BT-200 device was used in the conduct of this research. The need for contextual 3D models on a jobsite is examined. Other applications for AR in the construction industry, including remote assistance, confined space usage, facility maintenance and management are explored. Preliminary studies of using AR on a construction site is explored. A review of the EpsonMoverio BT-200 for usage in a construction environment is also presented. A discussion of upcoming devices is considered. Keywords- Augmented Reality, Construction, Epson BT-200, Confined Spaces, Remote Assistance, Contextual 3D Models