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An Analysis Of Women’s Constraints In Public Transport System In Bangladesh: Survey On Local Bus At Dhaka City

This study portrays continual constraints experiencing by women while traveling by bus within Dhaka city. Most of the time buses remain overcrowded because of deficiency and improper management which cause the adverse and unsafe environment for the traveler, especially for women. Women are facing verbal or nonverbal harassment, unwelcoming touches, sometimes direct contact with the sexual parts by co-passengers or conductor that is hindering personal and social growth. This research aims to investigate the actual reason, nature of harassment, effects on the victim and address the solution of woman harassment on the public bus. To conduct this study, firstly an exploratory was done to find out actual fact and 18 specific hypotheses had been developed through structured questionnaire; data were collected from the target population and analyzed with the statistical tool (SPSS). Results of multiple regressions conclude that - lacking social justice and strong protest against woman harassment on the bus has a significant impact on identified factors. Findings of this paper will help to the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC), Government policymaker, other women’s organizations’ and NGO to formulate policy in the broader aspect that will ensure women friendly environment on the public bus. Keywords- Local Bus, Mobility Constrains, Women’s Harassments, Reserved Seats, Bangladesh.