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FT-IR And SEM Studies On Natural Jordanian Clays

Present research focused on the characterization of four different natural Jordanian clays: diatomite, zeolite, bentonite, and kaolinite (white and red kaolinite). FTIR was used to confirm the existence of silanol and hydroxyl group bridges on the clay surface, while SEM was used to verify the chemical composition and to examine the morphological structure of the Jordanian clays. The results were correlated with the observations and data analyses in the literature. The results validated the presence of silanol and hydroxyl links on the clay surface and the existence of some ions on the clays. However, because of the limited SEM studies made on natural Jordanian clays, additional characterization techniques such as XRD can be conducted. Keywords- FTIR, Kaolinite, SEM, Zeolite.