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Development Of A Programming Experience System By Using Operation Cards

In this research, we have designed and developed a programming experience system. The target users of the system are 1st and 2nd graders of elementary schools as well as infants who do not have programming experience. We aimed to achieve two goals, that by using our system: (1) users can become interested in programming without using keyboards and (2) they can select appropriate commands according to a situation by encouraging them in understanding the relationship between commands and their execution results. In addition, our system was implemented by using the camera function of a smartphone and augmented reality (AR) technologies. In this system, users can program by using operation cards without keyboards. We conducted a preliminary experiment to evaluate the efficacy of our system. In the experiment, with 9 children who were 1st or 2nd grade elementary students, we investigated the degree of achievement of the children who played in a game environment using the operation cards constructed in the real world. Experimental results revealed that (1) our system may be effective in terms of achievement of our research purpose, and (2) the children can be categorized into several types to make it easier for our system to support users´┐Ż programming activities according to their types. Index Terms- Programming education, Education and learning support system, Childhood education, Image recognition