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Death And Dying: Stress Emerge Among Oncology Nurses In Non-Profit Organizations (NPOS)

Introduction: The nursing career is listed as one of the most stressful jobs. Nurses are faced with stressful times when dealing with the deaths of cancer patients. Since nurses are always exposed to patient deaths, this often leaves them in feelings of grief and pain. Objective: This paper aims to investigate oncology nurses working in one of Malaysia�s non-profit organizations (NPOs), and identifying a relationship between stress and caring for critically ill patients and deaths in the oncology ward. Methodology: The correlational method is conducted by researcher to analyze the relationship between variables. Thus, by using the convenience sampling method, several sets of self-administered questionnaires have been distributed to sixty (60) oncology nurses in the ward. In return, eighty-five (85) percent of the total response rate has been effectively marked. Results: The obtained results gave a remarkable interpretation in the context of this selected NPO. It has contradicted from the normal healthcare environment, which always seems to be highly stressful, challenging and demanding. Obtaining an insignificant end result could be something positive, which can in turn change people�s perception toward the nursing career. Conclusion: In summary, even though nurses have been identified with high levels of occupational stress, perhaps there is a small number of studies that were conducted in covering the NPO scope of tasks and activities, where, surprisingly, the results are relatively encouraging. Researcher has recognized some additional guidelines for local oncology nurses for their future enhancement. Keywords- Death And Dying, Stress, Oncology Nurses, NPO, Malaysia.