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Extreme Sports Consumption Model

The aim of this research is to prove the validity and reliability of extreme sports consumption scale. Accordingly, validity and reliability study of the scale were carried out adding the dimensions of participating in extreme sports obtained from the focus group study performed within scope of the examination of related literature and the research to the scope of the scale. The scale was applied on the individuals who utilize the extreme sports facilities in some provinces in Turkey and were chosen with convenience sampling method. The content validity of the scale (expert opinion), convergent validity (the lowest factor load value is 0.515, the highest is 0.892), differentiation/external validity (positive relationship on medium and high level in all factors) and structure validity (5-factor and 35-item) were tested. The internal consistency coefficient Cronbach's Alpha (0.957) analysis was used for the reliability of the scale. As a result of the analyses performed, it was concluded that Extreme Sports Consumption Scale (ESCS) is a valid and reliable measuring tool; therefore, the goal of the research was achieved. Index Terms- Extreme Sports, Sport Consumption, Sport Participation.