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Stress-Strain Analysis Of The Spur Gear Of The Gear-Box Reduction Of The Working Wheel Of The Excavator Schrs 1300 24/5.0 Using Cad/Cae Software

Kosovo is a place with a rich natural resources, especially the industry of coal mine has the most impact in development of various sectors of industry and economy of Kosovo. One from other problems of production energy is the way of transportation of coal from mines to power plants. A lot of machines and equipments are used to get the lignite reserves from surface mines, one of them which will be our case study of this work is the Excavator SchRs 1300 24/5.0 located in open-cast coal mines in �Bardhi i Madh- Fush� Kosova�. The paper presents the results of analysis of stress-strain of spur gear of the gear-box reduction of the Excavator. During Excavator arm movement from right side to left the bucket wheel works with maximum capacity, so in that case have been caused fracture in spur gear 9 and spur gear 10 of gear- box reduction of the Excavator. To calculate stress-strain structure of parts we are going to take parameters with maximum loads which are taken from experimental analysis in the entry of axis of gear-box reduction. In this paper we will use CATIA V5 (CAD- Computer Aided Design) software for design, and ANSYS WORKBENCH 14.0 (FEM- Finite Element Method) for stress-strain analysis. Keywords- ANSYS WORKBENCH 14.0, CAD/CAE software, CATIA V5, Stress-Strain Analysis, Spur-Gear