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Intra-Demographic Differential Satisfaction Levels With Cruise Ship And Destination Experiences: The Caribbean Cruise

This study examines whether cruise ship passengers in different age groups, with different education and income levels, will have significantly different satisfaction levels in their experiences on the cruise ship as well as cruise destinations. We used a survey data of 304 passengers on five Caribbean Cruise ships while on land at their last destination of the cruise during the 2011-2012 seasons. Factor as well as ANOVA analyses with post hoc comparisons of means yielded some striking observations. Results show: (1) Respondents between ages 45-54 consistently have the lowest satisfaction levels for the entire cruise ship experience as well as destinations experience. (2) There are no differences in satisfaction levels between those in the age group �18-34 years� and those in group �35 to 44 years� across all the variables in their �cruise ship experiences�. (3) With regards to the food offered on the ship, satisfaction levels seem to differ by education and income levels. (4) Generally, satisfactions with the destination offerings are highest for the younger age groups, and decrease as respondents are in older age groups. (5) All respondents of any income level are equally satisfied with the Caribbean�s natural landscapes and scenery, its unique history and culture and the availability of great food in the Islands. Key words- Caribbean Cruises, Cruise Passengers� Experience, Service Quality, Destinations