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A Software Application Based on Augmented Reality to Improve Personal Sport Habits

Augmented reality applications place the virtual images and 3d models onto real footage and enabled the users to interact with the virtual contents by physically. This innovative technology has applications in many areas such as education, health, and defense industry. One of the major problems is the lack of modern human beings do sport for a healthy life. Augmented reality technology can be presented as a solution to these shortcomings. The time spent with sports as fun and efficient evaluation issue is the primary objective of this study. An application model which is based on augmented reality has been formed to achieve this objective. The application will be placed on pre-defined scenarios on the image which is provided by the camera and this process will enable the user to efficiently spend the sport by creating a comparative performance data. This study has also demonstrated a supportive application in personal health with the software to be performed and a model has been introduced. Keywordsó Augmented Reality, Embedded System, Personal Healthcare, Expert System, Wearable Technology.