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Food Behaviour In Kandian Region Which Explict Through Folklore In Sri Lanka

One of the basic needs of human beings is food. Food has defined as a combination of organic and inorganic elements which need to nurture the human body in biological approach; also food is a cause variable of hungry. That’s mean hungry is full filled by food. Although, in sociological approach, people get food not only for fill up the hungry but also for full fill various needs. It is a really appropriate field for researches. Based on selecting, preparing, eating and sharing foods had been formulated a culture called food culture. Food culture is based on customs and values which established by the Sinhala community. Other than due to the commercialization and urbanization of the modern society some cultural factors which linked with food behavior had been changed. Furthermore, many differences could be seen in food behaviour region wise. Excluding in our folklore many attributes of food behaviour has defined and explained. Folklore can be defined as the traditional beliefs, myths, tales, and practices of people which they transmitted orally. The alternativeness was taken about different portions of Sinhala food behaviour by Sinhala folk ware which indicated past indigenous people’s customs, beliefs and expectations. It can be confirmed varies aspects of folklore. Consequently the topic which used to study is “Food behaviour in Kandian region which explicit through folklore in Sri Lanka”. The principal aim of this paper was to identify the aspects which food behaviour of Kandian region explicit through folklore. Other objectives of this study were firstly, to identify key attributes of traditional food behavior, second one is to identify the relationship between folklore and food behavior. As the methodology basically based on secondary data through a literature review and ten open interviews were conducted with key informers in Kandian region of Sri Lanka. As of the selecting foods, in preparing, sharing and gifting, many specific features of attributes of food behaviour had been identified as the findings of the present study. Index terms- Food behaviour, Folklore, Traditional Culture.