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Analysis Of Rice Straw Ash For Part Replacement Of Opc In Pavement Quality Concrete

Rice has a good bulk of rice straw which can be converted into ash by adopting inexpensive methods of burning. Literature shows that Rice Straw Ash (RSA) has strong potential for replacing OPC as a mineral admixture. In this paper, a study was done on the chemical, micro-structural, thermal and structural analysis of uncrushed and uncontrolled burnt (open air) rice straw ash for part replacement of OPC in PQC. Locally available rice straw was burnt to ash in uncontrolled manner. Various tests including XRF, SEM, TGA and XRD were carried out on locally available rice straw ash from Agricultural Farm, IIT (BHU), India. The tests results obtained were compared with the work of other researchers. Keywords- Rice straw ash, ash composition, fluorescence, silica