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Fe Modeling Of The Composite Laminate Panel Structure Of The Vehicle Hood To Mitigate The Impact Injury Of The Head

The increased number of pedestrian injuries and fatal deaths are resulting from road accidents due to the increased urban population and number of private vehicles. In order to address this issue along with other safety measurements, design and materials of engine hood has been a key point for an automotive industry. In this study, the finite element models of the pedestrian adult headform and a composite laminate panel of the vehicle hood were created by ABAQUS/Explicit to predict the level safety of structures for pedestrian during a collision. The effects of different stacking sequences and the inclination angle of the hood laminate panel to HIC value, deformation and absorbed energy were investigated and discussed. Simulation results are validated by Euro-NCAP pedestrian headform impact to composite laminate panel. The results show that the FEM modeling of the composite laminate panel can effectively predict the pedestrian head injury and deformation pattern of the model. This method can be an appropriate tool for the vehicle, pedestrian safety evaluation and related development. Key words- CFRP; pedestrian head impact; HIC; composite laminate panel; adult head form; FEM.