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Study On The Degree Of Website Localization Among Overseas Foreign Exchange Trading Platforms In China

This paper examines website localization practices across overseas Foreign Exchange trading platforms operating in the Chinese market. Content analysis of top 15 advertising Foreign Exchange websites was carried out by three localization experts simultaneously. The quantitative research findings are accompanied by useful insights from content marketing specialists. The results show that there are three distinct localization practices among the studied websites: standardized, localized and mixed. Foreign exchange platforms and the whole e-commerce phenomenon are relatively new in China and, thus, a small number of studies were done in this field. Added to that, the limitations in the scope of study together with mixed findings suggest that further research should be carried out in order to firmly assess any correlation between the degree of website localization, e-trust, customer acquisition and overall performance of Foreign Exchange platforms. Keywords- website localization, Foreign Exchange Platforms, ForEx, China, online marketing, Baidu Pay Per Click, standardization vs. adaptation, international marketing