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The Most Important Issue For Space Exploration: Deep Space Radiation

The 21st century will be a century that will experience major developments in space technology. Recently, instead of working in low Earth orbit, deep space journeys are planned for further researches. The world's leading aerospace companies established assertive projects like founding colonies on the Moon, and even go to Mars. Although it seems like the biggest issue in this journey is distance actually 'space radiation' is the most important and prominent problem. Space radiation is composed of several types of radiation. Some of them were not previously encountered the existence in the Earth and low Earth orbit. Our knowledge about these radiation types are very limited. And lack of experience makes it even more important for this new field of research. Aerospace companies that carry on space missions, before now, took some countermeasures against radiation in low Earth orbit and the Moon but in the interstellar area, radiation is much more effective and latest technology is quite insufficient. The health of astronauts and crew members to take part in these tasks is a matter of primary attention. Besides, it is indispensable to fulfill the proper functions of electronic equipments and tools. If we want to witness accomplished space missions and exciting developments in the future, space radiation should be very well analyzed and at the same time the alternative solutions should be considered. Keywords´┐Ż Space radiation, High-energy protons, Radiation shield, Solar flares, Galactic cosmic rays, Mars mission, Antioxidants, Free radicals.