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Preparation Of Activated Carbon From Chestnut Shell By Microwave Assistance And Analysis On Its Surface

21st century is the century of consumption and so century of recycling. Nowadays, natural origin waste’s recycling come into prominence. In the world, a known recycling method is activated carbon production from wastes. Activated carbon have many use of areas. Some of them are sanitation, chemical, petroleum, nuclear, automobile, pharmaceutical. Microwave assisted activated carbon production is a new method and in this study activated carbon produced from waste chestnut shells. The surface analysis and characterization have done successfully and the results that gained from surface analysis and characterization also provides us convenient statistics. In order to use microwave assisted activated carbon on industry and different areas some tests have done; methylene blue, phenol, BET and FTIR. Results show that microwave assisting is very beneficial and useful for activated carbon preparation. Keywords— Activated Carbon, Chestnut, Pore, Pollution, Adsorption, Recycling.