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Computer Hardware, Graphics and Graphic Card CPU, an Important and Applied Case Study

Central Processing Unit (CPU), memory, and peripheral device controllers. These components all plug into a "Bus". The bus is essentially a communications highway; all the other components work together by transferring data over the bus. The active part of the computer, the part that does calculations and controls all the other parts is the "Central Processing Unit" (CPU). The Central Processing Unit (CPU) contains electronic clocks that control the timing of all operations; electronic circuits that carry out arithmetic operations like addition and multiplication; circuits that identify and execute the instructions that make up a program; and circuits that fetch the data from memory. To better understand how a graphics card physically functions, it is beneficial have an understanding of the hardware that makes-up a video card. A graphics card only has a handful of individually critical pieces, although there is hundreds of subcomponents that make-up a video card. Below is an image of a simple graphics card. The most important piece of graphics hardware is the graphics card, which is the piece of equipment that renders out all images and sends them to a display. There are two types of graphics cards:[1] integrated and dedicated. An integrated graphics card, usually by Intel for use in their computers, is bound to the motherboard and sharesRAM(Random Access Memory) with the CPU, reducing the total amount of RAM available. This is undesirable for running programs and applications that use a large amount of video memory. A dedicated graphics card has its own RAM and Processor for generating its images, and does not slow down the computer. Dedicated graphics cards also have higher performance than integrated graphics cards. It is possible to have both[2] dedicated and integrated graphics, however once a dedicated graphics card is installed, the integrated card will no longer function until the dedicated card is removed. Keywords- Computer, Hardware, CPU, Graphicd.