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Financial And Human Resources Of Asymmetric Threats

Threat paradigm has shifted throughout the history. Considering conjuncture of our time, a major threat for humanity is terrorism. Although variety of reasons are influential, financial, and human resources are the vital needs for terrorist groups. It is known that terrorism is a significant term while taking decisions in diplomatic, politic, and military issues. Even though the methods to provide resources for terrorism are quite similar, there are still some differences for deterrent terrorist groups being active in various regions of the globe. Due to social and psychological reasons activists have generally similar excusses to join terrorist groups.At the same time, terrorists� fiscal activities to secure permanence of terrorism, occupy the politics of the countries. Besides, preventive actions are expensive creating huge burdens in host nation�s economy. This paper elaborates on how terrorism is providing human and economic resources, course of actions to overcome terrorism is on the agenda of all countries. Keywords� Financial Resources, Human Resources, Terrorist, Terrorism.