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Indicating future potential of biofuels on aviation with respect to boeing, airbus and u.s. Department of defense analysis

The purpose of this study is to indicate the increasing importance of aviation biofuels based on renewable, environmentally peaceful and sustainable energy. In the first chapter, it's been explained what the biofuels are and why we have to use it. Regarding the traits and qualifications expected from a jet fuel, certified biofuel production methods like Advancement Fermentation, HEFA (Hydro processed Esters and Fatty Acids) and Fischer Tropsch have been overlooked. In the second chapter of the study, biofuel related attempts and the projects conducted by aviation sector's leading foundations like Boeing and Airbus have been analyzed and as military aspect of aviation, US Department of Defense has been analyzed. The future of biofuels in aviation has been discussed in the third chapter.In the light of examinations, conclusion was clearly stated as demands on biofuels will absolutely increase by means of reduced market price thanks to advancement on transportation and production capabilities. The danger of diminishing, no renewability, and strict carbon emission policies of current jet fuels; lessening feedstock costs, being environmentally safe, high renewability and sustainability character of biofuels will be the other major factors toward reduction of biofuels ' market price in aviation. Keywordsó Aviation, Biofuels, Sustainability, Alternative fuels, Advanced Fermentation, HEFA, Fisher Tropsh.