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Teaching Materials Development Of Student Work Sheet (SWS) Guided Inquiry Based On The Materials For Learning Rate Of Chemical Reaction

Has conducted a study on the development of teaching materials in the form of student worksheet (SWS) on the base on guided inquiry learning materials for the chemical reaction rate class XI SMA (Senior High School). This study aims to produce a form of worksheets subjects were then tested for validity and its practicality so that it can be used as teaching materials. This type of research is the Research and Development (R & D), which produces a specific product and tests the effectiveness of the product. This study was designed to study the basic model of software development model 4-D, which is the stage of defining, designing, development, and deployment. Validity test is done on lecturers and some chemistry teacher in high school, while the practicalities of the test carried out in class XI Science and chemistry teacher who taught in high school Adabiah Padang. The instrument used was questionnaire validity and practicalities. Based on analysis techniques using kappa moment gained an average of 0.82 validity by validator, the practicalities of the questionnaire responses of teachers is 0.80, and the practicalities of students' questionnaire is 0.80. If the score is interpreted in very high category ≥ 0.81 then SWS-based guided inquiry on material reaction rate is valid and practical to use as teaching material and shows that students understand the subject matter well. Keywordsó SWS based Guided Inquiry, Rate of Chemical Reaction, Validity test and Practicality.