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Settlement History Of Bagan � Tanjung Tiram Batubara

This study aims to determine the beginning of the housing area in Batubara. Starting from the opening Bagan Luar as the oldest village in the area Batubara. Then, to find out about the development of early settlement communities of Bagan Luar (Old Town) Batubara. Knowing the impact that occurs in the presence of Bagan Luar in its development made Bandar trade or free port for the surrounding community in the field of economic and education. To obtain the necessary data, the researcher used the method of field research (field research) with perform oral history techniques (oral history). Then techniques to collect data by observation to the study site, interviews with community leaders and residents about the location of research and documentation or photographing the relics of Bagan Luar which was then in its development into a Free Port. From the results of research conducted and information provided by the informant it transpired that, 1) early life Bagan Luar opened by Datuk Laksamana Abdullah because he opened Bagan Luar into a settlement that later in its development be used as a free port and as a bulwark of defense Kedatukan Lima Laras, 2) Furthermore din the development of Bagan Luar led by several Datuk namely Datuk Ayung, Datuk Paduka Sri Indera, Datuk Asmara, Datuk Laksamana's son, Datuk Jakfar, Datuk Laksamana Abdullah, Datuk Mhd Yudha which is then controlled by the Netherlands, Japan and the Government of Indonesia, 3) Impact of Bagan Luar on the economy and livelihood in the field of science education is the addition of religion for Bagan Luar of the region Kedatukan Malay people embraced Islam. Keywords� Settlement, Social Change, Development, Batubara.