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The Role Of Health Education In Reducing Iron Deficiency Anemia In Youth Girls: A Systematic Review

Iron deficiency anemia is considered to be one of the greatest problems of the youth all over the world. Controlling the risk factors of this disease can reduce the burden and outcomes of this disease in higher level. In this regard, it is important to consider nutritional behaviors. This research aims to compare and analyze the educational intervention to prevent or reduce the risk factors of iron deficiency anemia based on methodology and use of models and theories of health search using Persian and English keywords from database of Iran Medex, SID, biomed central, PubMed and science direct from 1st of May to 15th of September 2014.Eleven studies were selected in this research which were divided into three categories of the effect of education on risk factor behaviors and physiology of iron deficiency anemia, the effect of education on physiological risk factors of iron deficiency anemia, and the effect of education on behavioral risk factors of iron deficiency.Totally,3 studies were based on models and theories of health education and 8 studies did not use any model and theory. The results show that education based ontheory and model of health education is of great effect on prevention from irondeficiency anemia. Also the duration of intervention activities, environmental change and use of methods interesting for theyouth are of great importance inefficacy of education to prevent iron deficiency. Keywords- anemia, iron deficiency anemia, adolescent, intervention, education, health education theories and models