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Epidemiology Of A Decay Fatal Attempted Suicide In Farsprovince, Iran (2002-2011)

Introduction: Suicide is one of the mainsocial and psychological disorders in public health which has caused major concerns in primary and secondarylevels of health care system .The aim of this study is to assess the epidemiology of fatal attempted suicide referred to legal medicine center in Fars provincein 2002-2011. Methods: This cross- sectional study was conducted on 1815 fatal attempted suicide cases referred to legal medicine center organization in 2002-2011.Data were collected through documents of dead subjects and they were analyzed using descriptive methods and chi-square test. Results: 1815 suicide events occurred in Fars province during 2002-2011. Mean and standard deviation of age of the subjects was 30.37�13.78 years. The most of the suicide cases were singles with a frequency of 1076 (62.6%), in age groups of 20-29 years with a frequency of 786 (44.5%), and self-employed jobs with a frequency of 809 (47%). The most common motivation for suicide was psychological disorders in 30.2% and family disputes in 28.2% of cases. Conclusion: The results demonstrate that the main motivations for suicide were psychiatric disorders and family disputes in Fars province. Also, attention to the mental status of the patients and providing a suitable health care by health authorities is necessary. Key words- suicide,legal medicine center, prevalence