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A Model For Recursive Search In A Social Network Environment

Vast amounts of information are available on the Internet that bothers around events and individuals in the events. Information regarding people and important events in their lives is generally presented through social networking sites. These sites allow people to relate the information with the people therein. However, the search algorithms associated with these sites are relatively simple such as Page Rank. The Page Rank algorithm only allows for searches using keywords. The sites are ranked according to the back links associated with them and the ranking of those sites. At this time, it is not possible to search on a social networking site for individuals matching certain criteria. The model proposed here is based on a recursive search algorithm with the introduction of the third parameter called user biased. This will allow the user to type in certain characteristics such as age, gender, personality, areas of interest, education level, and other factors. The introduction of this parameter can then be used to bias the ranking. In this way, the user can find people on the network with certain characteristics. The details and application of the model are described in this paper. Scenarios of usage are presented.