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Structural Engineering of Complex-Shaped Tall Buildings

Today�s diverse architectural design directions have produced tall buildings of many different forms. This paper presents performance-based structural system design options for complex-shaped tall buildings, such as twisted, tilted and free form towers. For each complex form category, tall buildings of different heights are designed with various structural systems prevalently used for today�s tall buildings, such as braced tube, diagrid and outrigger systems, to investigate the structural performance of each system comparatively in conjunction with its form. Parametric structural models are generated to study the impacts of varying important geometric configurations of complex-shaped tall buildings. The models are exported to structural engineering software for analyses and design. Based on the design studies, structural performance of each system in different complex form category is comparatively evaluated. Keywords- Complex-Shaped Tall Buildings, Structural Design, Diagrids, Braced Tubes, Outrigger Structures.