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Causes And Effects Of Occupational Stress In Nursing

Nursing is an extremely stressful job, and high levels of occupational stress are believed to have negative effects on nurses and organizations. Occupational stress among nurses is the consequence of exposure to a combination of working and personal factors. This study involves semi-structured interviews with a sample of (N = 15) medical-surgical ward nurses from three Ministry of Health hospitals in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. This qualitative analyses recognized a high level of occupational stress among nurses. Work overload, emotional demands and work-home conflict are the major sources of stress. The majority of nurses stated that occupational stress had a significant negative impact on their mental health and increased their intention to leave their job. The current qualitative study aimed to identify the main sources and effect of occupational stress among medical and surgical ward nurses in Saudi Arabian public hospitals. Better understanding of job stress among nurses in Saudi may lead to assist the health care strategy makers in creating a plan to decrease the work-related stress level of nurses. Index Terms- nurse, occupational stress, qualitative study, Saudi Arabia.