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The Technique For Designing Of Effective Logical Database Structures For Technical Diagnostics Systems

The article contains an analysis of the efficiency of information processing during technical diagnostics of complex objects computer systems (CS), which is largely determined by the structure of the database system of technical diagnostics. Local databases are functionally complete elements and logical and physical structures to support specific types of databases and operating systems must be designed for them. The logical structure of the local database is based on their synthesis, the efficiency of which is determined by the system-wide criterion for the optimal functioning of the database. In this case the optimal structure of local logical database is designed for the synthesis of the results of the logical structure of the database, the selection of the type and design of the structure of the network directory. Designing is carried out by means of the normalization of the graph of the logical structure of a separate node CS formed as a result of the synthesis of optimal logical database structure and determining in the column disconnected and poorly connected sub graphs which the basis of the logical structure of a local database supported by the DBMS. To confirm the effectiveness of the proposed method the modeling query to the database using the existing and proposed structures of the database is simulated. As a result, the total processing time of requests for the proposed database structure has decreased on average by 15%. Index Terms´┐Ż Information Transfer Protocol, Redundancy, System Remote control System, the Communication Channel, Controlled Point.