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Micro Finance And Community Welfare: The Case Of Wat Choeng Wai, Bangsue District, Bangkok Thailand

This research aims to study the factors that lead to successful and sustainable of micro finance organizations, the strengthening of the community caused by the micro finance organization and to study the government policy driven approach to supporting micro finance organizations. The researcher used qualitative research methods. Collect data from primary documents and secondary documents. It also has in-depth interviews and focus group with leader and members of the WatChoengWaicommunity micro finance organization. The research can be concluded thatmicro finance organizations successful because of the participation of all parties in the process. The focus on meetings in various communities to raise awareness about the micro finance organizations.Micro finance organizations can provide benefits to people in the community who do not have access to government welfare. However, government policies should encourage the community fund or micro finance organizations have legal status and be supported to enhance the welfare for the people. Keywords´┐Ż Micro Finance, Social Welfare.