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Considering The Ability Of Altman�s Bankruptcy Prediction Model In Predicting Bankruptcy Between Listed Companies In Tehran Stock Exchange Based On Behavioral Factor (Managers� Intelligence)

One of the main subjects in classifying the companies is related to the bankruptcy prediction. In fact, investors, creditors, owners and state-run organizations and managers are interested to evaluate the companies� financial status, because they will be inflicted a huge cost as bankruptcy happens. This study is mainly aimed to consider the ability of Altman�s bankruptcy prediction model in predicting bankruptcy between the listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) based on behavioral factor (managers� intelligence). For this reason, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has completely been studied. In this study, some of the 119 managers of these listed companies have taken as our statistical population (2013-14). Also, collecting instrument of the needed data in this study for the quantitative variables (bankruptcy prediction model) is the companies� financial data (2013), and for the qualitative variables is a questionnaire regarding to the managers� intelligence. The collected data have statistically analyzed and classified by the descriptive method, and Logistic Regression Model along with perceptive method have used for the hypotheses test. The final results made by the statistical analyses clearly show that there is not a significant relation between the managers� emotional intelligence (EQ) in predicting bankruptcy through Altman�s model between the listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). Keywords� Managers� Intelligence (EQ), Bankruptcy, Altman�s Bankruptcy Prediction model