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Bim-Based Energy Analysis Of Conventional Residential Buildings In Hot-Humid Climate

As the campaign to raise international awareness towards saving the environment is growing, the need for studies to assess the building performances in terms of energy efficiency for Malaysia as a developing country is perceived more than ever. In line with the growing global trend toward energy efficiency in buildings, this paper makes attempt to estimate and analyse the performance of conventional buildings in terms of the associated dominant load; cooling load for the context of Malaysia through innovative workflow of Building Information Modelling (BIM). A double storey bungalow located in Kuala Lumpur was modelled in Revit Architecture and exported to Autodesk Ecotect Analysis, which both of them are the epitome of BIM tools, for energy analysis. The properties of the components including walls, roofs and windows were input into Ecotect and the simulations were run by varying the orientation and monthly climatic data. Total numbers of 48 simulations were conducted to calculate the monthly cooling load of the building for four orientations and 12 months. It was observed that throughout of the year, cooling loads are constantly required to maintain the comfort band however north orientation seems somewhat energy efficient rather than the others. The present study took a step towards more energy efficient buildings by providing succinct information regarding the performance of buildings in hot-humid climate and aimed at examining BIM-based building energy simulation. Keywords´┐Ż BIM,Cooling Load, Energy Efficient Buildings,Hot-humid Climate, Malaysia.