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Muscle Activation in Softball Swing

Batting remains as one of the most challenging skills to master in softball and baseball sports. Coaches haveresearched various training to developed key of successful batting, but most of this research has been inadequate in attempting to describe basic muscle activation in the swing of softball batting. The purpose of this surface electromyographic study was to identify the activation of the right and left pectoralis major muscles (clavicular heads), triceps brachii muscles, biceps brachii muscles, deltoid muscles, latissimus dorsi muscles, external oblique muscles, rectus abdominus muscles, rectus femoris muscles, biceps femoris muscles, gastrocnemius muscles, and tibialis anterior muscles in the softball swing. The results obtained from the test showed the most activated muscles to the least activated musles in batting. Ten healthy collegiate female softball players participated in ten trials of hitting a stationary ball. Results showed that right rectus femoris muscle activated most (81.4% of MMT) while right middle deltoid muscle least activated in swing movement (38% of MMT). Keywords´┐Ż Electromyography, Muscles, Softball, Swing.