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Rearing Of Crocidolomia Binotalis (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) On The Artificial Diets

Studies on rearing of Crocidolomia binotalis (Zeller) on different artificial diets by using insect diet recipe based on insect diet recipe from Kurihara, Jack bean diet and egg yolk Couturnix japonica (Squil) diet, and cabagge fresh leaves diet as a its natural diet. The insect rearing was conducted under controlled laboratory conditions of 272C, 65 5% RH, during 2015; in the Laboratory of Entomology, Faculty of Biology University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The results showed that the larval stage of C. binotalis on fresh cabagge leaves diets resulted in highest percentage survival rates among all the parameters of larval stages of C. binotalis (90%). However, the use of Jack bean and quail egg yolk as artificial diets showed percentage survival rates respectively were 70% and 66 %. The pupal weighst of C. binotalis feed on jack bean and egg yolk diets were lower than feed on cabagge fresh leaves and Kurihara recipe diet. The incubation period for eggs was 4 days (range 3-6 days). The percentage of egg hatched of the insect reared on fresh cabagge leaved and Kurihara diet was 44.33- 51.67% , however eggs from imago that the larvae feed on Jack bean and eggs yolk are not hatched. The squil eggs yolk diet with improvinng some more protein recommended to be an alternative diet for rearing larva C. binotalis coloni under laboratory conditon. Key words- Crocidolomia binotalis, cabbage, jack bean, quail egg yolks