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The Application Of Indonesian Qualification Frame Work Review In Studies On Nutrition

Indonesian Qualification Framework (IQF) consists of 9 levels of competence. The 8th level of IQF is equivalent to Master degree, and the 9th Level of IQF is Equivalent to Doctoral Degree.Their competences are 1) to develop scientific knowledge producing innovative work for Master degree, and original or creative work for Doctoral degree; and 2) to solve the problem of science through inter or multi discipline for Master degree, and inter, multi and trans-discipline for Doctoral degree.` The objective of this review is to identify how far the results of several studies on nutrition published in Scientific Journal describe the competence of authors in the application of the 8th and /or 9th levels of IQF. To fulfil the competence, the author should conduct systematic study in term of the red line namely continuation of thinking starting from title, objective, methods (type of design, population and sample, and data analysis), results, discussion on quality and accuracy of data, causal relationship, implication, conclusion of study followed by recommendation and suggestion. The implication uses the result of causal relationship directed to conclusion and recommendation. Conclusion contains development of knowledge, while recommendation contains how to solve the finding problems. Based on the recommendation, suggestion is formulated through inter, multi discipline producing innovative work for Master degree, and through inter, multi and trans discipline producing creative & original work for Doctor degree. Nine studies on nutrition published in scientific journal were reviewed; the results of study are as follows: 1) most design types of study are based on objective of study; 2) some studies without statement of population and all studies without calculation of sample size; 3) Some studies do not use analysis one variable, two variables and multi variables; 4) in all studies, there was no discussion on quality and accuracy of data, causal relationship and implication of study. As a conclusion, IQF has not been applied fully, because of problem in the red line of research methods, which link to IQF. Hopefully, the authors are stimulated to attempt how they have competence according to the 8th and 9th levels of IQF. Keywords- Qualification, Red Line, Implication, Recommendation. Suggestion