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Measures of Detention As a Form of Personal Security Measures in Albanian legislation. Responsible institutions for setting and implem, enting them

The aim of the punishment since its initial application has been the punishment of the offenders. The punish was supposed to cause the nearly the same damage causes by the crime. This aim become more human and tolerant with he passing of time until it changed to other penal measures. In different countries Penal Code the aim and the concept of punishment varies, but the common thing is the fact that it aims to punish the offender without causing him physical pain, humiliating, to rehabilitate him etc. One of them is the group of personal security measures. In implementing these security measures there are some important institutions that play a crucial role. The aim of this paper is to present an overview of the personal security measures according to the Albanian legislation and the role of the institutions that are part of the implementing procedures. Keywords- measure of detention, security measures,prosecution, court, judicial police.