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Marketing Use By The Insurance Companies In Albania

The marketing of insurance services, as special form financial services, is a unique and highly specialized branch of marketing. Due to the characteristics that services have, which make them different from the tangible goods, its marketing is more difficult. Marketers of insurance services are facing challenges in communicating these products due to the difficulty of visually communicated in advertisements, or their unexciting nature which make harder the task of attracting customer attention. The aim of this paper is to describe the perceptions that marketing managers in the insurance companies in Albania have of the activities they perform that are most deserving of priority attention. A list of the main areas of insurance services marketing is provided referring to the point of view of marketing managers. Taking in consideration that improvements on each area are expected to provide the highest returns in terms of improved company performance, this list is ranked according to those areas which should be given more importance Keywords- services marketing, insurance services, improving performance.