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Elderly Saudi Arbians´┐Ż Perceptions And Attitudes Towards Using Ambient Assisted Living Technologies

The growth in the ageing population is rapidly increasing and their care cost will be a challenging issue in the future. The number of elderly people worldwide (defined as those age 60 years and older) was 202 million in 1950; this number has since quadrupled to reach 841 million, and is expected to triple again by 2050. Moreover, the elderly population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is expected to increase by 2055. These demographic changes raise a number of challenges related to their quality of life, including social communication and care, health, autonomy and utilisation of institutional services. These challenges require novel approaches to dependable self-adapting technological innovations. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) aims to improve the quality of life for elderly people and provide them with technologies and services that support their daily activities, and help them to live longer and stay at home independently. The aims of this research are to review Ambient Assisted Living Technology, to provide examples of technologies and applications, and to examine attitudes and perceptions of elderly people towards using AAL technologies in KSA by using a quantitative analysis. The results show that elderly Saudi Arabians are willing and intending to accept and use AAL technologies. Keywords- Ambient Assisted living, Elderly People, Ambient Intelligent, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia