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Culture, As „ Perceptual Prism “Of Knowledge Generation And Its Role In International Business

One of the main tasks of the cross-cultural management is to study the phenomenon of cultural difference and diversity and to determine influence on efficiency of the international business. Numerous studies of scholars were dedicated to this problem within last periods, which mostly discussed influence of cultural determinants on the international business. The present study, on the basis of analysis and generalization of theoretical approaches existing in the sphere of measuring the influence of the cross-cultural relations on the international business, substantiates the need for passing from static measuring of culture to a dynamic construction – that reality expressing “perceptual prism”, which is used for formation of the fundamentals of joint knowledge codification by its carrier. The present work gives a new conceptual model, a possibility to evaluate theoretical relevance and practical usage of approach suggested by us. Key words- cultural differences, international business, codification of knowledge, dynamic construction, new model.